Settings for Good Vocals

29 08 2007

Dave has an excellent post on the effects, EQ and settings he uses for vocals. Much of it applies to the Digidesign Venue he gets to use (lucky dog!), but he has a great section for those of us stuck in analog-land. If you’re not reading Going to 11, you really should be. Really.




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29 08 2007
Dave Stagl

Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I wouldn’t say that analog-land is a bad place to be “stuck” in. I know I will definitely miss mixing on our Series 5 after we upgrade it to a Venue someday. As much as I love mixing on the Venue, I still love working in the analog world; pro’s and con’s on both sides I guess….

30 08 2007
Mike Sessler

You’re correct, of course…analog consoles are still great fun. We have a Series Two, which sounds pretty good for a small format desk. It’s just a lot less convenient to re-patch the board every week, though the patch bays I keep adding make it easier. Like you say, pros and cons…there’s no universal “right” solution.

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