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Mike Sessler is currently the Technical Arts Director at Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo, CA. He has nearly 20 years of experience working in churches and providing excellent sound, lighting and video. As a system designer, engineer and creative content producer, Mike enjoys nothing more than using the gifts given him by God for the benefit of the local church. As a speaker, author and trainer, his reach has been extended beyond the community he calls home.

With an infectious dedication to excellence, he thoroughly enjoys helping others create the best worship experience. Normally quiet and reserved, if asked to “talk tech,” he will go on for hours. He is also known for writing about himself in the third person (in order to appear humble).

**Important Safety Tip: Even though Mike is currently on staff at Coast Hills, the views expressed herein are not necessarily those of the church, though hopefully they will line up more often than not…**

To have Mike speak at your conference, church or local coffee shop, contact him here:



4 responses

2 05 2007

Hi Mike
Love the website and the good advice. I’m having trouble down loading the Web Review on the down loads page. Can you help me here?

2 05 2007
Mike Sessler

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the kind words. Sorry about the broken link for the Weekend Review. I recently switched web server hosts and the link broke. I just fixed it, so you should be all set.

You can pick it up right here if you like…

Thanks again for reading!


29 08 2007
Mike Holland

Your article on tripods is superb.

I am now long retired but I worked for Vinten for 30 years.


3 09 2008
mel of Quest

hey man. good day. hope you have time to read this 🙂

let me introduce myself. my name is rommel cagas of Quest Community Fellowship out here in Cebu, Philippines. we are about to turn 4 yrs old this oct. we are a partner of North Point Community Church in Georgia. in fact, they’ve sent teams here, and a couple more coming the next few weeks. i don’t remember exactly how i ran into your blog (reid greven “mr fun”???). anyway, i’ve been using a lot of the info you’ve posted and applied them. you’ve been a great help to the body of Christ, i assure you.

i need your help on something. we use Shure wireless mics and personal in-ear monitors during our worship services, in addition to Avioms personal monitors. compared to the normal local church, you might say we’re “loaded.” and the last few months its been fine. just recently (last few wks), the “in-ear monitors”, it seems like for a second, all the sound is “vacuumed” out of the monitor and then comes back again; ditto with the wireless mics and “communicator” countryman mics. i’m not sure if you can visualize what i mean but i don’t know who else to ask.

anyway, thanks for your time. God bless. i promise this will be shorter next time.


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