Time to Move

31 08 2007

So, today was my day off. And after spending a really lazy morning (I ate breakfast at 11:45), I decided to embark on a project I’ve wanted to do for some time now. I have moved my blog to my own domain name (thanks to Tim Corder for providing the motivation!). Moving over to my own domain gives me the ability to tie the blog closer to the web site, which will ultimately contain demos and examples of the things we’re talking about, and provide a forum for more information disbursement.

If you have an RSS feed to this blog, it should update to the new blog (I’m still working out the bugs, but I think I have it figured out…). If you’ve bookmarked it, please update to the new site. And for my other fellow bloggers who have linked to me, thank you! And please update the link ;-).

Without further adieu, the new link:

Thanks for reading, it’s exciting to me to see how many people are!


Worship Team Lineup Help

16 07 2007

If you’re a long-time reader (since, like March 2007…) you’ll know that I love forms. It’s all part of my “Planning will set you free” mantra. So here’s a new form I created. At Crosswinds, we have 4 regular worship teams, but people’s schedules vary and there always seems to be some variation in the teams. Since I create detailed stage plots and patch charts for each weekly setup, I needed a way to easily get the actual band makeup (that should also be easy for the worship leaders to get to me). The old way, via e-mail, was getting tough as I sometimes had to sift through 3 weeks worth of e-mails to find the original band, a change here and a change there.

So here is an interactive, fill in the blanks form. It was inspired by the work I’m doing for Adobe (helping them pitch their interactive form creation tools). If you have Acrobat Professional, you can change this to suit your needs. If you don’t, well, I guess you’re stuck with my idea of how it should be.

Hopefully a few of you will find is useful.

Worship Team Line Up Interactive PDF